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WA-XO-BE Archers hosts a number of different leagues.  No matter what your skill set or experience level, we have a league for you.  Below are some brief descriptions of the available leagues:

Trophy League

The Trophy League usually starts on Tuesday of the first full week of January and runs until the end of March. League play begins at 7:00pm and the cost is $5 per week for members and $10 per week for non-members. Teams are comprised of 2 shooters. Participants may select their own shooting partner, or one will be assigned to them by the league coordinator. The event consists of a 300 round - meaning 60 arrows are shot with a maximum possible score of 5 points per arrow – from a distance of 20 yards. Handicaps are calculated at 80% and either recurve or compound bows may be used. First, second and third place team members will receive trophies as will the most improved shooter. The league ends with a pizza party and award ceremony.

Jersey Girls League 2023

This league starts on Saturday September 16, 2023, at 11 AM.  The fee is $60 payable by Week #2 and includes a great Shooting Shirt for all the participants. We are a 70% handicap league limited to females and would run until December 23rd. That would be 14 weeks. The first 2 weeks of the season are to establish an average. The actual competition starts on the 3rd week of the season (Oct 2nd). We will be shooting a Vegas 300, which is the normal Vegas 450 target but 3 arrows for 10 ends instead of the normal 15 ends. We have a fun shoot for the last shot of every night. The closest arrow to the center of the X wins a Dunkin Donuts card. Lots of fun and even a few surprises to boot! The Jersey Girls end with a PIZZA PARTY and the crowing of the new league champion. In place of the traditional trophies awarded by other leagues, we will award several Yeti mugs specially engraved by Richie Zarillo who also supplies all our shirts and jackets. These were a big hit at last years awards.


CONTACT: Kristina Kaye at 609-218-8628 or email at

Traditional League

The Traditional League is for those archers who prefer to ply their sport using “traditional” archery equipment (no sights, cams/wheels, stabilizers, releases, etc.). The league typically holds an indoor session during the Winter months and an outdoor session during the Spring and Summer months. The cost to participate is $5 per week. The league meets every Wednesday night. The Winter session meets at 7:00pm and the Spring/Summer session meets at 6:00pm. Individuals compete against each other rather than in teams. First, second and third place awards are given.









Joe Natalie Un-League

From the 1st Friday in October 2023 to last Friday in March 2024.

This League is named in honor of Joe Natalie, a long-time participant of this league who passed away in early 2016. The League shoots any target type the participant wants. The Clock is set for 4 minutes so can shoot as many arrows as you wish in that time span. Anyone who is available during the day may participate. There is no requirement to participate every week … come whenever you want! Cost is $2 for all. There is NO COMPETITION between us, just a dozen or more archers who appreciate shooting in a friendly get-together. Usually someone will play their Sirius/XM oldies. There is a Coffee Card or NJ Lottery Ticket awarded on the last arrow of each weekly get-together. The archer with the closest to the center of the X is the winner, but we vary the criteria from week to week, sometimes we shoot a very small Styrofoam ball! Starting time is precisely at 1:00 PM each Friday.

There is no shoot the day after Thanksgiving. There also is a short hiatus during the Christmas Week and the New Year’s week with shooting restarting on the first Friday in January (unless that is New Year’s Day, in which case we’ll start the 2nd Friday) and continuing until the last Friday in March.  We have no restrictions on type of bow used or equipment. If you love archery, are available on Fridays and have a nice crisp $2 bill we want you! We also accept gold bars, silver, platinum or if you are recognized by Dun and Bradstreet. Leave your AMEX card at home because we do not accept any plastic money. Come shoot with the Best and Friendliest archers on planet Earth and enjoy the Oldies by Kristina & Verna!!

CONTACT: Kristina Kaye at 609-218-8628 or email at

Jersey Girls League

After15 plus years the Joe Natalie Un-league is no longer active due to the lack of participants.

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