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05/21/20 - A note from our Corresponding Secretary


As most of you know the governor has opened up all outdoor archery ranges starting tomorrow at 6 am due to the executive order No.147 issued Monday, May 18, 2020 that opens up NJ Outdoor Archery Ranges on Friday May 22nd.  I wanted to let you know, on behalf of the board, the outdoor code has been changed back.  We also wanted to let you all know what the rules and regulations are for usage.  First and foremost, we are asking you respect the club and its members by expressing common sense.  What this means is follow the law: wear a face covering, practice the 6 feet distancing when in the presence of others and that only two people can go out onto the range together, unless with immediate family members.  Please follow these rules, so we may remain opened and in accordance with the law.   Thank you.


On another note, there will be no Red Hawk shoot on June 14th, due to these unforeseen circumstances, we will however be having a "Welcome Back" 3D shoot.  We will be preparing to do registration online and working out all the kinks and details to make this shoot fun but SAFE for all.  Look for more information to follow within the next few days.  Also, if you could assist in making the shoot run efficiently, we need help in the parking lot checking off names and taking money, as well as checking in people and registering those that did not pre-register, we could really use good people like yourself.  Please email me back, if you are able to help in some way that day, remember you get work hours.  


As per the actual Red Hawk shoot, we will be rescheduling it for later in the season, look for details soon.


Last note,  the meeting scheduled for June 8th has been canceled.


Thank you for your time, stay safe and happy shooting.


Jen DeWacker

Waxobe Corresponding Secretary      

  • 5/22/20 - Outdoor Range is open. Lock Code has been changed back.  Social Distancing rules must be strictly adhered to.  You must wear a face covering and practice the 6 feet distancing rule when in the presence of others. Only two people can go out onto the range together, unless with immediate family members.  The Indoor Range Remains Closed!  Please follow these rules, so we may remain opened and in accordance with the law. 

  • 4/7/20 - As per New Jersey Executive Order #107, both indoor and outdoor ranges are closed until further notice.  We apologize for this inconvenience but must follow the law regarding this situation.  Our members safety, health and well-being is paramount.  Thank you for your understanding during these difficult times.

  • 3/16/20 - The April club meeting has been cancelled.

  • 3/18/20 In an effort to protect our members and guests, all programs are suspended until further notice.  We are complying with Federal and State Safety Guidelines to better protect the health of our membership, friends and families.  Check back soon for updates as this is still an evolving situation.  We hope everyone remains healthy and look forward to getting together as soon as this national crisis is resolved.

  • 3/16/20 - April 4th NFAA Shoot Cancelled

  • 3/12/20 - Team Trophy League is Cancelled for the remainder of the season.....Check back soon for updates.

  • 3/12/20 - Friday Night Shoots are Cancelled for the remainder of March.....Check back soon for updates.

  • 3/12/20 - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness Article Notification Posted

  • 3/10/20 - New Club Website is now online!

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