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History of WA-XO-BE Archers

WA-XO-BE Archers, Inc. is one of the oldest archery organizations in the state of New Jersey as well as one of the most well known in the National Field Archery Association of the U.S.  It has produced countless state champions as well as numerous national champions throughout the years.  

WA-XO-BE Archers was organized in 1946 in Milltown, New Jersey by a group of people who wished to form a group of organized archers for the purpose of fun and competition.  The first meeting occurred in July 1946 in the back room of Schwendemann's Taxidermy Store.  Monthly meetings were held there for a few years until membership increased, and a new meeting place was rented at Redman's Hall in Milltown.

The club's first archery range was a 14-target range build in an old sandpit behind Schwendemann's store.  After a few years, a housing development forced the move from the sandpit to Tices Lane in East Brunswick where the first 28 Target field course was built.  This was a heavily wooded area owned by the Sayre-Fischer Brick Company.  The range lasted only a short time as another project forced them to move on from that site.  The third course was located on Fresh Ponds Road, East Brunswick in a sandpit pine barren type setting owned by Walter Dallenbach.

After Quite a few years, the club had to make a decision; whether to buy property or pay rent on land which could be taken away at any time.  After long debates and heated discussion, a vote was taken to purchase its current home, a 22.9-acre tract of land on Major Road in South Brunswick. 

The move began in late September of 1968 with a flatbed truck, a few vans, and a lot of helping hands.  It took quite some time to move all the bales, bow racks, benches, clubhouse etc. But the move was actually completed in early December of that year.  A 14-target range was initially built in the spring of 1969, in time for the tournament season.  The complete 28-target course was finished after land was cleared and drainage ditches were dug during the 1970 shooting season.  

Today's WA-XO-BE

There have been many improvements since the club since the club opened in its current location back in 1970.  These improvements include the construction of an NFAA certified 20 Lane indoor target range.  3D and Field ranges continue to be updated and provide challenging and fun courses for families and competitors alike.   A new outdoor shed is a symbol of the club's dedication to constantly improving its facilities for its members.

About The Club

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