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Frequently Asked Questions

My child is interested in archery, what can I do?

I want instruction for my child and/or myself, what are the steps I must take to accomplish this?

There are several options:

  1. Become a member and access the coaches.  You have to attend two meetings depending on the age of your child, and you have to have your own equipment.  If your child is not sure what they want to shoot, it will be hard to buy a bow and arrows.

  2. Come to a Friday night shoot.  It is 5 dollars for kids and 10 for adults.  You will get all safety information and instruction for those who are brand new and improve upon skill for the not so brand new and more advanced learners. Check out the Friday night shoot page HERE

  3. Enroll your child in the JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) program here at Waxobe. See the JOAD page on this site or check out the JOAD Facebook group


Can I come by and see what the club has to offer? 

You can come by on Friday Nights from 6:30 to 9 to talk to others and see the building itself.  Feel free to come down and if there are cars in the parking lot, knock on the door. 


Can I bring my girl scout/boy scout group for a session? 

You can, please email Bill Ward at to schedule a time.


Can I bring a group to the club for a get together?

Can I have a birthday party there? 

We are only open on Fridays to the public.  If you can schedule a group for your party on one of those nights; you may bring food, decorations, and other items to make this day special.


Can I rent equipment?

Only on Friday nights during the shoots.  You must have your own equipment to shoot at the club as a member or a member’s guest.


Can Broadheads be used? 

Only outside on the designated broad head side of the practice range.


Can you use a crossbow on the ranges?

You will need to become a member first.  Then, you must get certified with a crossbow coach, and you will get a sticker to put on your membership badge.


If you can’t find your question on this page, please contact us, using the form HERE 

or call us at: (732) 893-7531

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